“Control Tower” Progress

OK, so I started messing around with a concept sketch that I found on modeling forum. The guy was asking for a control tower type structure with solar panels attached to the front of it. I’m trying to keep it looking cartoony and funny looking while at the same time appearing solid and feasible.

This isn’t finished by a long shot and the texturing is just basic color splashes at the moment. I’ll work on this a little further in the coming days and maybe throw some real textures on it if I like how it turns out.



And here are the stats as they currently stand. The majority of the polygons are eaten up by the solar panels but that can easily be optimized away through quality texture work.



3 Responses to ““Control Tower” Progress”

  1. Ray says:

    Hey! That looks pretty spiffy, actually. It reminds me of something one would find in an old Bullfrog game. Theme Park!

    I agree that the circles on the solar panels would have to be converted into a texture in order to optimize things. No need for ‘em not to be, really.

  2. Warren says:

    Oh yeah, I agree. The whole thing is just basic color textures until I decide that I like it enough to bother UV mapping it and all that. I probably won’t bother as I need TONS more practice at actual polygon work rather than texturing. Gotta ramp up them skills.

  3. Ray says:

    Totally. Better to get one things down to a decent degree before moving on. Without a doubt.

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