CommodoreBook Pro

I went looking for Commodore 64 emulators today and came across a great one for Mac!

Power 64

It’s not free and their web site will make your eyeballs want to explode, but it seems very solid and easy to use. I have zero complaints so far!


7 Responses to “CommodoreBook Pro”

  1. Ray says:

    Classic app, right? Unfortunately, as of Leopard, no worky-anymore.

  2. Warren says:

    Shit, my Leopard gets here today. Sadness. I want Time Machine and Spaces so I guess I’ll have to give up my Commodore emulation again.

  3. Ray says:

    I’m waiting a spell as one or two productivity apps of mine have yet to release Universal Binaries and they supposedly get fucked over a bit. I want Time Machine!

  4. Warren says:

    I just installed Leopard so I’ll let you know if anything breaks down.

    If you’re using Cheetah, make sure you download the new 4.3 release as he had to make some Leopard specific fixes.

  5. Ray says:

    I’m getting Leopard tomorrow, but I still have to put things off till that particular app I mentioned gets a U.B.

  6. Warren says:

    FYI, I just tried Power 64 under Leopard and it seemed to work OK. Rock!

  7. Barbarian says:

    Ahh.. to watch the Evil demos once more…

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