Drums Are Go!

I finally figured out what my MIDI problem was with my Yamaha DD-55 drums not playing into my Mac properly.  The cable.  You need to have a Yamaha UX16 USB-MIDI Interface or you’re in for a world of hurt.  Once I bought that cable and plugged it in, everything worked great!

So I can now play the DD-55 with GarageBand running and record every note as it clumsily stumbles out of my uncoordinated paws.  I hope to have a little time this weekend to record a few riffs and see if I can post them here.  Should be fun!

Oh, and I’ve sort of changed my mind about Shooter in the Abstract.  I was wrong.  I’m still sick of looking at it so a new version won’t be coming anytime soon.  I can tell that’s true because at the first sign of trouble, I lose interest completley.  I’m not ready yet.


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